With a superior release surface and temperature resistance of up to 260°C / 500°F, MRP PTFE products are optimal surfacing materials used to prevent melted PVC from sticking to and building up on welding platens of your machinery.

Offered as release sheets for V, flat and combined welding platens, MRP release sheets are suitable to use in all hot plate welding processes, including RF and microwave systems. Easy-to-clean, the non-stick surface reduces the risk of contamination and weld failures, while offering excellent welding plate protection and reducing maintenance needs.



  • Easy to clean Simple installation
  • Configurable for any machine Excellent heat transfer
  • Excellent non-stick PTFE surface Easy to operate & maintain
  • Suitable for use with all heating systems including RF & microwave systems
  • Suitable for sheets for V, flat & combined welding platens
  • Stable at high pressure up to 4 bar/over 55 psi
  •  Resistant to temperatures up to 260°C/500°F Mechanically durable

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