Heatsealer and Zone Tape

Heatsealer and Zone Tape


For the packaging industry we supply a number of custom tapes as per specifications.
Heat seal tapes are tapes with a strip of PTFE glass fabric that is covered with either Masking tape or Glass liner tape on both sides. The standard version is supplied with on both sides 15mm and the, supplied by you, useful width. The self-adhesive strips can also be supplied in several other measurements.

The 15 mm tape is pasted onto 5mm PTFE-glass and there is a 10 mm edge on either side left. With these 10 mm edges, you will be able to easily stick the PTFE-glass onto your sealer. With this in place, your Seal wire can move freely under the PTFE glass fabric.


If the application requires the adhesive strip on the inside of the Teflon fabric our Zone tapes are designed for for these specific applications