Merrychef Teflon Trays & Baskets

Our unique range of accessories for the Merrychef high speed oven have been designed for you to get greater flexibility out of your oven.

The accessories can help you expand your menu by allowing you to cook a wider variety of meals. Placing food on liners and trays will help keep the ovens clear from food and grease, significantly reducing cleaning time. All Merrychef accessories are certified food safe and approved for use in our ovens. All our products are made from 100% PTFE (TEFLON) coated fabric with PTFE laminated film surface to enhance the super release properties of our products and extend usefull life.

Our range of brightly coloured cooking trays not only look great, but also allow you to colour code for food groups as part of your HASSAP compliance.

They are easy to wipe clean in-between programmes and are safe to go in the dishwasher!

As the Merrychef range of ovens have different cavity sizes, we have some accessories that are specific to each oven.

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