Multi Release Products offer a complete range of PTFE Adhesive Tapes to perform in a variety of heat seal packaging processes involving impulse heat sealers and hot bar sealers.

Our heat sealing tapes provide a non-stick, abrasion-resistant surface designed for use in high-temperature heat sealing applications, including food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging. These highly durable tapes allow for increased process speeds and minimal downtime increasing overall process efficiency. Different backings and adhesive systems are combined to offer a variety of solutions that balance cost and performance.

Our range of packing release tapes offers unbeatable performance and durability.
Metal debatable PTFE adhesive tapes
The metal components of metal detectable PTFE tabes can be detected by-ray and metal detectors on food packaging lines that detect foreign contamination.

Packaging applications include:

  • Non-stick release tape for heat-seal jaws, wires and platens in shrink wrapping applications
  • Release fabric and tape for blister pack packaging
  • Release belts for sealing the side of plastic-wrapped packaging
  • Seamless belts for continuous band sealers
  • Release belts for shrink wrap ovens
  • Silicone fabrics for shrink wrap tunnel curtains
  • Release tape for vertical form fill sealing
  • Zone tapes and heat sealer tapes in different styles for covering sealing elements
  • Rod and stitch for CRYOVAC vacuum packaging machines


  • Smooth, non-stick high release surface
  • Excellent durability
  • Temperature resistivity (-73C to + 260C)
  • Excellent heat transfer