Silicone Mat 300 x 400mm

Perfect Baking Mats are a must-have for all bakers designed for every type of oven. Our non-stick baking mat range is designed for every type of oven or baking tray. From savory to pastry baking, our original non-stick baking liner

Avoid those sticky situations when you’re baking by using this non-stick baking mat . It’s a simple but highly effective way of removing even the most delicate pastries without worrying about damaging them, thanks to the innovative silicone design that guarantees exceptional non-stick qualities without the need for oil or grease.

Our mat is not only easy to clean, but will also prevent food remnants from building up on your trays – this will keep them in top condition for longer, and drastically reduce your washing-up times.

Dimensions 300mm x 400 mm



Silicone Mat 300 x 400mm

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300 x 400, 585 X 385


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